Jakarta - Yamaha engine jupiter z 2010 capacity to ensure the addition of Jupiter Z 115 ccjoined mengkerek price of new Yamaha motorcycles this duck. This is expressed by Supervisor Promotion YMKI to Indra Dwi Sunda detikOto, Monday (16/11/2009). "This new Jupiter z 2010 115 cc modification will be totally different with the old, for the issue price is likely to have a slight increase," he said. The increase is considered reasonable for the latest Jupiter Z will reportedly wiped-out, starting from the engine capacity increased from 110 cc to 115 cc up to design and body line of this Yamaha Jupiter Z 115 cc will also be different from his elder brother.

In this latest variant, will apply YMKI double headlamp Yamaha Spark RX's currently in Thailand, but for the sale in Indonesia looks to sweetened again. Because if Spark RX in Thailand there are no lights down in the wings, in this latest Jupiter wing design that has a different motor than the previous generation would be added to the lamp with the design's narrowed as Spark or Jupiter MX 135.

This motor itself previously had been seen wandering around the factory Yamaha in Pulogadung. However, this was the first time the real face of this duck motor appears to the public through an account owned by PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) on the Facebook site.

"For the details (about the price), I do not know, but surely there is an increase," he said.Yamaha also has invited bloggers and their communities to look closely at the appearance of this Yamaha motorcycle modification brand-new."Holiday weekend we are deliberately to invite about 100 people and bloger community to see this bike, because we think they are also
represents the Yamaha consumer voice, "he said.

Besides disclosed, accidentally invites YMKI customers come because he considered as part of the consumer and observer Yamaha products, this community is also believed to help YMKI provide input for newer products which increased its engine capacity from 110 cc to 115 cc can be successful in the marketplace.And as mentioned when the time of launch, Indra promised to do
it immediately. "The launch time will not be long now,"
he said.

The Sexy Motorcycle Modification

The Sexy Motorcycle  Modification
The Sexy Motorcycle  Modification
The Sexy Motorcycle  Modification
The Sexy Motorcycle  Modification
The Sexy Motorcycle  Modification

Yamaha Jupiter MX Cross Series

Foto Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX
Green Cross Motorcycle
Foto Modifikasi Yamaha Jupiter MX
This time modifications with Yamaha Jupiter MX motorcycles, themed Simplified Cross. Hopefully you can inspire lovers motorcycle modifications.

Best Custom Modification Mio Soul Contest 2010

New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept best low riders
Modifications Mio Soul 2010 Low Riders | Motor Yamaha Mio MODIF - Who says Yamaha Mio Soul can not appear hostile. Subagio from B Co, Cape Town, proved able to juggle the motor mount a similar concept. Modifications are done as very radical.
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept
Imagine, the original shape skutik production in 2010 was gone. In fact, it looks like a motorcycle concept. Subagio said wanted to launch his own works entirely different. "Indeed, the theme of sports skutik not new, but I still want to try to form his own," said Subagio.

Hence, he dismantle the entire body and create a new original with a galvanized plate material. When examined, the shape of the front like Jupiter MX135LC. Subagio also confirmed that he was imitating a duck ahead of Yamaha's models. "The MX is very sporty, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang is also a father with two children.

New 2008 Benelli TNT Titanium

New 2008 Benelli TNT TitaniumThe love of life mount a bicycle of true packing is guaranteed by the exceptional equipment: fairings of carbon, titanic

Motorcycle Future Modification extrem

motorcycle future ecalculated.motor need is a motorcycle that was already in the design specifically for the current, which the world is filled by too many motorcycles that are not environmentally friendly.

Extrem Honda Beat Modification

Honda Beat 2008
After the release of a new motorcycle called the Honda motorcycle CS1 (Sports City) about 2 months ago, Honda plans to release a new type of automatic bicycle. The name is automatically the latest variants that are sold in Indonesia is the Honda Beat. Apparently, not too different than the former type, Vario. There are still many characteristic features Vario threshold, which was conducted with this new type, such as the Side Stand Switch and parking Brake Lock. In Thailand, this is different with the name of Icon.
Honda Beat 2008

Physically, the display almost the same as the Honda Icon. He also used 108 CC 4 not with the CVT transmision. Color options that are available are Blue Fusion, Hip Hip Orange, Pink Pop, Rock Hard Black, White Techno, and Electro Red. and the motor is very suitable for anyone.


114980114011498460081149591421gp2 JUPITER MX MODIFY PHOTO GALLERY
2008 03 06 bikepics 1206430 full JUPITER MX MODIFY PHOTO GALLERY

In Indonesia, Yamaha Jupiter MX is a favorite of young motorcycle. after searching from ather site, eventually some of the images can also Yamaha Jupiter MX cool and extreame modification. Some of the images below, it is seen that the talent and interest young people in Indonesia so big things to modify the motorcycle.

Honda Motorcycle Moto GP

Honda Motorcycle

This is one of the mainstay honda motorcycles, one of the fastest bike of its kind ever used by the famous drivers who've won a moto gp different class in 3 different class valentino rossy (Yamaha biker motorcycle at the moment). Let's peel depth. This motorcycle of 800 cc capacity with a machine disuport by Honda racing team and labeled rc 5, capable of defeating dikebut yamaha's Rgr. the characteristic color of honda motorcycle racing club was once the idol of his era

1966 Yamaha Batcycle Pictures

Custom Motorcycles 1966 Yamaha Batcycle
Custom Motorcycles Yamaha Batcycle 1966
Custom Motorcycles 1966 Yamaha Batcycle

2008 KTM Duke Picture

2008 KTM Duke Picture...........
KTM, Austria's sports bike maker, is planning to launch its bike as a joint venture with Bajaj in India. Initially KTM will launch Duke 690 in the Indian motorcycle market. KTM Duke 690 will largely be developed at Bajaj’s Chakan, India plant and will be marketed through Bajaj’s Probiking showrooms. This joint venture of KTM and Bajaj may be extended to manufacture scooters as well.

Ducati Motorcycle

Desmocity engine machine

Motor is so strong and powerful by adopting desmocity engine machine and the yellow paint makes it so elegant and luxurious impression. Is equipped with an elegant exhaust and alloy wheels in both men kroom make this bike so special in its class. This motor is made from Italian state which country is the warehouse ducati motorcycles and where many talented drivers

Modifikasi 2010 Indonesia

Ducati Modif

Jupiter Modif

The winner Modified motorcycle

Ford F250 Dash Lighting LED Replacement and Installation Guide

Part of Content:

The step by step dash lighting LED replacement and installation procedure for Ford Super Duty F250, this manual clearly explain how to remove the bulb, installing and configuring complete with illustration. This write-up covers the replacement of the following bulbs: 4×4 Knob Switch, Headlight Switch, Instrument Cluster, Heater/AC Controls. The first picture shows where the bulb assembly was. Unplug the harness and remove the 4×4 knob assembly. The second picture is the bulb housing with the new LED installed. The LED used for this bulb was from superbrightleds.com and is part number NEO5-G. I soldered the LED legs to the housing contacts. Reinstall the bulb assembly into the 4×4 knob assembly and turn on the headlights, to verify you have the LED in correctly, it
will only work one direction. Then, unplug the harness and set this assembly to the side, since it needs to be removed for the
upcoming dash removal. This installation was the most difficult one. Mainly figuring out how to disassemble the switch assembly without trashing it. The first step is to snap off the melted plastic pieces that hold the switch assembly together. Here’s a pic of these pieces, there will be several of them around the perimeter of the assembly. Here you can see the internals of the switch assembly, with the green capped bulb mounted to the circuit board. Ok just download this pdf document and you can do it your self LED replacement on Ford F250 Super Duty.

Black phantom cruiser modification

The best body kit and racing modification
Motor is a mirror of personality and a symbol of virility for a man .The machine looks great and toughness to make the appearance of a rider come up. Motor is equipped with headlights and at supported aerodynamics air conditioning and the best body kit and racing. This bike has been named as the best bike and best-looking cruiser motorcycle

Hot Girls on Motorcycles

The show is a launching pad for upcoming 2009 models which will be displayed at the exhibition venue for the first time in the UK. The Annual Motor Cycle Show is a prestigious event and has previously attracted visitors in huge numbers, gathering a total of 149,000 guests last year.
Since the show is to be held at the reputed venue, at NEC Birmingham, visitors should be free of all possible hassles related to travel and accommodation. The venue is easily accessible because of its central location and is very close to the Birmingham International Station, thereby working in favour of the show and attracting thousands of international visitors. Even the UK residents who reside away from Birmingham will have easy access to the show as there are many rail options including several direct links from major cities.

Yellow Mellow Mio from Pangkal Pinang

Last week, I got an opportunity to visit Pangkal Pinang in Bangka island. And like other cities in Indonesia, it’s dudes also love biking very much. Yamaha Mio, the most phenomenal automatic motorcycle in Indonesia seems to be the most used matic bike in this city. Offcourse, I will not talk it if it still in standard original view.

It’s really my day when the day bring me to meet Beni’s full body costumed Mio. He almost totally costumed it’s body with fiberglass, putting so many accessories on it, chromed some of it’s lower parts, and finally he paint brushed his tiny bikes yellow mellow. Unfortunately, he didn’t mention how much money spent to complete his job. Well,.. good job Beni! we wait for your next creation

Yamaha LC 135 Heavy Modification



LC HEAVY MOD31 YAMAHA LC 135 MODIFICATIONBlack LC 135 modded to resemble X1R

These pictures are taken from cari.com.my forum. I put it here for all us to share the enjoyment of the modification. The two pictures above is modification from Malaysia, whereby the last one is made from Singapore. You can see the Singapore license plate number on the bike.

Best Harley Chopper Modification Collection 2009

Best Harley Chopper Modification 2009

 Best Harley Chopper Modification  Collection 2009

Best Harley Chopper Modification Collection 2009

Harley Davidson Extreme Modifications

EXREEME MODIFED MOTORCYCLEof the motorcycle 2, we can keep score. that the two were in bike into the category of extreme modification because he has a strange appearance. when compared with the modification of another motorcycle. harley davidson of color in the paint with air brush has a unique character. namely using the concept of choper. and the blue harley davidson was using the concept of

Mio Contest Modification

White Mio ModificatonAir Brush Mio Matic ModificationMio contest modificationModifikasi mio in Europe, such as what? Geba Leisure Parts (GLP) try modifikasi mio through Yamaha Mio Modif , owned a home Lamongan, East Java. "The concept leads to the European style because there matik many make it," said Gerie Nur Mayurie, home modifications GLP leaders in Bandung, West Java.Evident once the

Modification of Yamaha X1R

motorcycle yamaha X1R picture is also from the forum I get modifications in the Philippines. turns out there is different from the motor that is in indonesia, the name. but in body shape and construction remain the same only the name that distinguishes it from the motor only. we see only motor yamaha X1R it the same as the yamaha Jupiter MX in indonesia. funds kawasaki fury like a 125 cc Suzuki

JUPITER Modif Motor Cycle Unique and Creatif

It is a picture Motor Modif or Modification from Yamaha Jupiter Z.It's very amazing because the colour of paint is very lightening. i like it.what is your opinion about this picture modification jupiter..??do you like it..?? In the second picture, it is Modification from Yamaha too.it is very nice an unique. You can follow this modification to practice in your motor cycle.hihiiii.